Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hidden charms

listening to itunes dj. the gories, damnation ad, collin melloy.. pretty good stuff

talking to AJ about Grandma's Boy Studios

cooking crab stuffed mushrooms

Sunday, June 21, 2009

fathers day

the last time i hung out with my dad for longer than an hour was in 1993. he took me, along with his girldfriends asshole kids to the san diego wild animal park.

in 1996 i saw him in a hotel room in Albuquerque, NM. i was visiting my grandma for Thanksgiving. he was driving from somewhere to his home in Yuma. it was 8 in the morning. he knocked on the door. i let him in. before my eyes even adjusted to the lights, he gave me 15 twenty dollar bills and told me he had to get on the road.

spoke to him one night in 2002 as i drove home on the 5 South. i informed him that he would have a grandchild soon, and that i wouldnt mind getting some extra help financially to start off. he said he would be glad to help. i didnt hear from him for a couple of years.

in 2003 my uncle, his brother Hender died. i went out to Temecula for the funeral service. my mom drove down from Visalia, as she had been a friend of Hender's as well.

on my right was my dad, next to him his girlfriend. on my left, my mom. i think it was the first time id sat between them since they split up, when i was 2.

after the service, i said bye to everyone.

i havent spoken to my father since then.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

the gories

i used to care too much about music.

read: i was very closed minded about new music.
i grew up listening to "classic" rock (zeppelin, sabbath, beatles, etc.), started listening to hiphop around 12, punk around 14, and hardcore by 15. from then on, it really took a lot for me to open my mind to new music, especially different genres. i got really into drum and bass for a while, really into hiphop again for a while.. etc.

a month or so ago, i downloaded the Mummies singles bundle that Cheesegrater posted on the Some Dudes blog, and since then my mind has been more open to garage rock/ older rock and roll, etc. ive had an interest in bands like mc5 and shit like that for a while, but nothing really lo-fi.

while looking for new music, i found this gem. heres the description that got me hooked:
Poured from a deep vein of raw garage-rock sewage with a John Lee Hooker chaser, this Detroit trio (which, like New York's kindred A-Bones, had a woman beating its skins) made no pretense of instrumental skill or audio fidelity on its records. (The group did, however, go in for annotation. The first album's insert offers such inspiring song explanations as this, by way of "Boogie Chillun": "This was one of the first songs we ever learned, because it only has three notes. When we first started, any songs with more than nine notes in it was usually too complicated for us.") Intuitive geniuses plugged in but still making their way in the dark, guided only by pure and knowledgeable rock'n'roll spirit, the unabashed Gories — Mick (vocals, lead guitar), Dan Kroha (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Peggy O'Neill (drums) — were both (and equally) horrible and great, their elemental wretchedness pure and unvarnished. Those who expect anything approaching professionalism should stay away, but if the words "bad" and "junk" are words of praise in your vocabulary, then dig right into the Gories. No refunds allowed.

heres a video of the awesomeness:

and heres a link to download it

suck it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009


hi im jav (12:49:45 PM): its gonna be amazing
caseagainstdan (12:49:54 PM): the last time i think i even heard a jawbreaker cd i was 14.
caseagainstdan (12:49:58 PM): haha.
caseagainstdan (12:50:10 PM): the first girl i ever met that liked anal sex liked jawbreaker.
caseagainstdan (12:50:30 PM): she was older than me and creeped me the fuck out because she was drunk at this kid james
caseagainstdan (12:50:35 PM): james's house and told me she liked anal.
caseagainstdan (12:50:46 PM): i was straightedge, a virgin, and terrified.
caseagainstdan (12:51:09 PM): she was one of those halfgoth girls. didn't go as far as painting her face white, but kinda had a jane from daria vibe.
caseagainstdan (12:51:36 PM): ::end story::
hi im jav (12:52:08 PM): im gonna post this on my blog, ok?
caseagainstdan (12:52:17 PM): sure.