Sunday, June 21, 2009

fathers day

the last time i hung out with my dad for longer than an hour was in 1993. he took me, along with his girldfriends asshole kids to the san diego wild animal park.

in 1996 i saw him in a hotel room in Albuquerque, NM. i was visiting my grandma for Thanksgiving. he was driving from somewhere to his home in Yuma. it was 8 in the morning. he knocked on the door. i let him in. before my eyes even adjusted to the lights, he gave me 15 twenty dollar bills and told me he had to get on the road.

spoke to him one night in 2002 as i drove home on the 5 South. i informed him that he would have a grandchild soon, and that i wouldnt mind getting some extra help financially to start off. he said he would be glad to help. i didnt hear from him for a couple of years.

in 2003 my uncle, his brother Hender died. i went out to Temecula for the funeral service. my mom drove down from Visalia, as she had been a friend of Hender's as well.

on my right was my dad, next to him his girlfriend. on my left, my mom. i think it was the first time id sat between them since they split up, when i was 2.

after the service, i said bye to everyone.

i havent spoken to my father since then.

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