Wednesday, December 30, 2009

fuck french people

so this dude is claiming he never received his fucking fred perry jacket
so he makes a claim on paypal instead of ebay
im out 25 bucks
i cant confirm delivery because its international
paypal customer service says im assed out
emails to the fucking piece of shit frog get bounced back

fuck everyone and everything

Monday, December 21, 2009

the end

almost then end of a year, and a decade.

2009 was one of the worst years of my life.

i am going to write a huge post about how shitty my last job was. i wasnt going to, for fear of legal ramifications, but part of my legal staff assured me that it would take a LOT for someone to prove slander against me. i will just change some names, and will tell the world how shitty Marinello is.

just added a new blog, and as Travis Smith said "oh hey guys im adding my 9th blog which i will only update every two months". idiot. i created a Mistake blog, because i am sick of not remembering a fucking thing that happens with that band. im constantly being told of things that happened, and was either too drunk or just didnt care to notice.

Monday, December 7, 2009

1 2 3 4


two of my favorite bands (or whatever you want to call The Streets)
this is a really interesting story. Mike stole a mic when he was doing a radio show, made a record with it, then gave it back when he felt it was the right thing to do. the song is built off of a sample of the Bloc Party song Banquet. it was only made available on the cd single of the song Two More Years.
the video just adds an extra layer to the story, and its always interesting to see people "off their face"

no desire

prepare to be fucking annihilated

Thursday, December 3, 2009

death/ animal

im not sure when this turned into a video blog, but it seems to be the only way i can express what is interesting to me right now.

two songs are getting heavy play in my life right now. on my itunes, my ipod, and in my head.

the first is a band that Tara turned me onto called White Lies. this song DEATH i guess was featured in the movie Jennifer's Body. i downloaded that soundtrack because there is an exclusive Panic At The Disco Song on it, and White Lies kinda slipped by me, but Tara said it would be up my alley, and guess what it sure is.
They kind sound like Interpol i guess, but more catchy.. and kinda like Editors but less morose. Tara said its really depressing, but if i want depressing ill listen to Mogwai or Death In June.
This song DEATH is probably the most memorable on the album, but i find myself listening to LOSE MY LIFE a lot. the song E.S.T. was featured in the show Dirty Sexy Money, much to my surprise.

i chose to present the live version of the video because i love live versions. you get to see more of what the band is really like.

the second song that has been my obsession for a couple of MONTHS now is by a band called Miike Snow. yes, there are supposed to be two i's in the name. they are from Sweden, and have apparently only been a band for like 2 years.
the song ANIMAL instantly caught my attention. the almost ska-like up stroke on the keyboards, the dude's awesome voice, and the almost carnival drum line.
i was instantly bummed when i saw what the band looked like.
ive heard a few live versions of this song, and they are always like 2 minutes longer than the album version, and always different, which to me shows that these dudes are real ARTISTS and are concerned with making music live, not just replicating their songs in a live environment for the sake of their listeners.

this version of the song/ video is awesome because they are in the fucking WOODS. there are only three dudes in the band, the Jason Patrick looking singer dude, the keyboard guy with the shitty moustache and total Newport-hipster looking hair, and the drummer. killer matching jackets, too.
whatever. i guess i can overlook their appearance and just listen to the music. the whole album is really good, some electro parts in it, lots of pop flair, and passion.