Wednesday, May 27, 2009

back to the old house part 3

my family didnt have a dryer until i was in 8th grade. a clothes dryer. we had a clothes line. it was about 6 feet tall, with 4 concentric smaller squares of rope. we put the wet clothes up with clothes pins.

in the winter, when it was snowing outside, we had to dry the clothes on a rack situated over the heater that was built into the floor between the two bedrooms. it was in a 3 foot deep rectangular hole in the floor, and had an orange glowing light that i always thought was a flame.

our clothes were always stiff and crispy, because we obviously didnt have dryer sheets.

my mom didnt buy white bread. i think the first time i had wonder bread i was about 19. i wasnt allowed "fun" cereals with marshmallows. the craziest cereal i was allowed was Trix. Trix was much better when i was colored balls, as opposed to the fruit shapes. the odd thing was, i was allowed to drink as much soda as i wanted.

we had a compost pile. im pretty sure my mom still does, and she has a nice garden with tomatoes, corn, plenty of herbs... she cans fruits. i was taught how to make jelly at a young age. im pretty sure my mom has made her own soap, lotion and cleaning products for years. she was featured in her local newspaper for organic cleaning methods. there is a story she wrote HERE and another story about her HERE.

maybe i should listen to my mom more.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


eating a popsicle


listening to Copper

making sure everything in my iPod is in the right genre and making playlists

gonna go shopping for Dev's birthday

talking to Dan on AIM


thats all. bye.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tiga appreciation

Tiga is great. i honestly dont know much about him, but his music has always made me wanna move. or dance. no homo.
he was, to me, one of the front runners in the electroclash scene, which for many years i (sometimes not so) secretly loved.

FPU- Ocean Drive featuring Tiga
this is one of my all time favorite songs. didnt realize the video was so homoerotic until today. i think the video has a couple glitches in it. get over it.

Tiga- Hot In Here
yes, its a Nelly cover. and its amazing.

Tiga- Sunglasses At night
another cover, of the Corey or Carey hart song. whatever. its a cool video.

Felix Da Housecat- madame hollywood (tiga's edit)
i like this version much better than the Miss Kitten version. the video isnt real but the song is there.

let the wind erase me

i realize that my posts yesterday were very erratic. i was very stressed out, mentally and physically.

id never been in a real car crash before. i guess i still havent, because my car was fine and there was no blood.

we watched all 4 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in the past month or so. i think that it kinda messed me up because every time the slightest thing is wrong with me, i think i need emergency surgery or my life is threatened by some terminal disease.

work has been challenging. i feel very unappreciated. i feel like my voice doesnt count, and people there dont really care about what i have to offer. well, a few do. maybe 20%.
ive been driving to the campus in Bell a couple times a week. Bell is like off the 710 near the 5, so south LA. it takes 45-60 min to get there. i dont mind the drive. i have been working on writing new cirriculum with Sarab. basically writing textbooks about hair cutting and hair coloring. talk about a mindfuck. we have been studying SO much about hair. trying to see different sides and take it to different levels. ive been reading a ton about color theory, customer service, chemistry.. my brain is over loaded.

oh yeah. the stereo in my car doesnt work. when dev rides in it, we have to just like talk and stuff. otherwise i listen to my ipod. which is awesome because my ipod ERASED itself. which i may or may not have mentioned.

i checked, and it was almost an entire month without posting. i feel that a lot has happened, but nothing is different really.

oh i was telling Erakuh this morning about how i used to put my arms through the holes in a plastic grocery bag, and run and jump and pretend it was a parachute. ive always been awesome.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i recommend listening to these:
Jets To Brazil- japanese radio broadcast
its live, it sounds good. they play good songs.
Mick Boogie - cornerstone mix tape #112
really good hiphop mix. has some real "bangers"
Dashboard Confessional- "the wire tapes vol1"
yeah. dashboard. gtfo. its all covers, all done really well.

ugg. im too tired to go on, or to explain how to unzip these files. its not as easy as it seems.

whatever. good night nurse.

understanding in a car crash

at 8:50 this morning i was in a hit-and-run collision on the 405 freeway north just south of Cherry Ave.
driving to work. traffic stopped.
guy behind me didnt.
pulled over. he got out, said
"please dont do this to me. its unsafe here, lets pull off the freeway"
i pulled off. he didnt.
no damage to my car. back sore, neck sore.
went to doctor. im fine. he said it was from stress or tension on my body. gave me anti-inflammatory and some muscle relaxer samples and sent me on my way.

picked up some pastries on the way home, popped some pills and lay in bed watching tv for the bulk of the day.

two days ago: ipod erased. again. gone. good thing i bought a computer last week. kinda sucks, but kinda dont mind starting from scratch. missing a few things though.

havent felt like writing, even though im able to now.

cant wait for this:

i wish there was a button on my keyboard that could automatically type a middle finger. it would make my life so much easier.