Saturday, July 11, 2009

a movie script ending

there are some songs that can make a moment in a movie that much more amazing. like, the scene in Royal Tenenbaums when Margot steps off the bus and Velvet Underground starts playing? or the last scene in Good Will Hunting when Elliot Smith takes you in to the sunrise?

ive always thought that "talking shit about a pretty sunset" would be a good song to put in a movie... when someone is driving in the rain or something.

i think the new WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is one of the best uses of a song to go with a movie ive ever seen. the Arcade Fire song "wake up" fits perfectly... evokes emotion, compliments the imagery... makes me that much more excited to see the movie and actually made me like the band more.

i remember seeing the test footage of the movie and being stoked out of my mind, but this trailer made me more excited.

now i just need to download this version of the song...

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