Tuesday, February 23, 2010

where did you sleep last night

i remember when Nirvana first came out. i remember the first time i saw the video for SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT. i had just gotten done with a gnar skate sesh at an elementary school in Costa Mesa, and went back to my friend Van's house for refreshments (thats a whole other story. not the refreshments part, but being friends with Van). we turned on MTV and suddenly, there was an explosion. keep in mind, this was like the summer going into 9th grade, in 1991. sure, there was punk and we liked to jam on Dead Kennedys and DYS tapes while we shredded the gnar, but this was different. as Kurt later put it, "teenage angst has paid off well"
and then a few years later, they did this MTV Unplugged thing. i thought it was awesome. in fact, i recorded it onto video cassette.
i used to watch it over and over and over. its not like they were my favorite band in the world, but i could somehow sense that what he was saying was "important", at least to him. i dont even know how to describe it.
i remember the end of the song "where did you sleep last night", right before Kurt goes into the last chorus, there is a break. his eyes get really wide and it looks like he is really struggling to get the word "night" out. that image is forever burned into my mind.
pay close attention starting at the 4:40 mark.

and just for extra credit, here's the original Lead Belly version

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