Monday, March 8, 2010

first france, now canada

so, some asshole that i sold a stupid Original Fake hat to messaged me on ebay, saying that he never received the item.
i scanned the fucking customs form, having learned my lesson the FIRST time this happened, and the dude decided to STFU, which made me think he was just trying to scam me. people suck, especially people from other countries.
so, today, i got a message from paypal, saying 46 dollars has been taken from my account.
the dude messaged me again, saying
Hey, still no beanie, i only opened a case because it's been more than a month since i made payment and if i waited much longer it would be to late to open a case, as soon as the beanie arrives i'll close the case, it's just the numbers you sent me were of no help, and i have had sellers give me fake/bogus tracking #'s before, so i hope you understand, dont take it personal it's just the item i bought has yet to arrive.

well, i do take it "personal" because i sent the item. unfortunately for everyone, there is no tracking on international items, so anyone can say they didnt get their shit. its just that now you can file claims and disputes about it instead of just being disgruntled.

i provided all information to paypal. if i lose this case, not only will i be considerably irate, but i will probably cease shipping overseas unless they message me asking "pretty please". literally.

fuck france, and now fuck canada.

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