Thursday, May 21, 2009

let the wind erase me

i realize that my posts yesterday were very erratic. i was very stressed out, mentally and physically.

id never been in a real car crash before. i guess i still havent, because my car was fine and there was no blood.

we watched all 4 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in the past month or so. i think that it kinda messed me up because every time the slightest thing is wrong with me, i think i need emergency surgery or my life is threatened by some terminal disease.

work has been challenging. i feel very unappreciated. i feel like my voice doesnt count, and people there dont really care about what i have to offer. well, a few do. maybe 20%.
ive been driving to the campus in Bell a couple times a week. Bell is like off the 710 near the 5, so south LA. it takes 45-60 min to get there. i dont mind the drive. i have been working on writing new cirriculum with Sarab. basically writing textbooks about hair cutting and hair coloring. talk about a mindfuck. we have been studying SO much about hair. trying to see different sides and take it to different levels. ive been reading a ton about color theory, customer service, chemistry.. my brain is over loaded.

oh yeah. the stereo in my car doesnt work. when dev rides in it, we have to just like talk and stuff. otherwise i listen to my ipod. which is awesome because my ipod ERASED itself. which i may or may not have mentioned.

i checked, and it was almost an entire month without posting. i feel that a lot has happened, but nothing is different really.

oh i was telling Erakuh this morning about how i used to put my arms through the holes in a plastic grocery bag, and run and jump and pretend it was a parachute. ive always been awesome.

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