Friday, April 23, 2010

blood and thunder

busy. busy. busy.

not sleeping. as if i didnt have enough to do, picked up another night at the bar. that makes three nights and one day. plus working the store a couple days a week. i mean... its not doing what i love, or what im "good at". but im picking up bartending. its more than just opening bottles and pouring drinks. im actually trying to make up "new" or at least new-to-our-bar drinks. having a limited license, we have to get creative.

i was told that my sangria is better than Habana's. that's like telling me my band is better than Gorilla Biscuits.. meaning, a place that's been around longer and is "known" for something. win.

im fucking tired though. that's not really anything new, and i spent many many years working 8am-3am basically, but i guess i wasnt used to it. my shoulders hurt, my knees hurt.

i downloaded over 1000 songs in 3 days. mostly old hip hop, to play at bar.

i have quoted this before, but basically this line sums up my life on a constant basis-

"things change these days in such quick, cruelly absurd ways"

i dont know that i could have written words that embody what i struggle with on my own. and while the author of that line bums me out more and more, i still hold on to those words.

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