Friday, May 7, 2010

top 5 favorite Wu Tang songs. in order.

number one- UZI (pinky ring)
holy fuck, when Ghostface comes in, it sounds like hes gonna tear your fucking face off. that horn loop is insane too.

number two- gravel pit
at :29, when the cave-babes are shaking their tatas to the beat, is amazing.
"im the motherfuckin hot mix"

number 3- nuthin to fuck with
this was back when they were super grimey. i also like that the video introduces everyone.

number 4- reunited
i just think its a great way to open an album. ol dirty's verse is pretty dope too.

number 5- c.r.e.a.m.
again, the first album was so dirty and grimey. the hook is incredible, and everyone's verse is awesome. plus, dirty's singing adds such character

jesse gonna be mad that i didnt include Triumph, but i stand by my choices.

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