Sunday, May 2, 2010


the other night, half of my toenail fell off. i was walking around at work and i felt something in my shoe. i took it off and looked at my toes and half of the pinky toenail had cracked off, lengthwise. no blood, no pain. just gone.

i miss my family. working long, late hours has made things a little hard. my kid asks me not to go to work sometimes. even though its only like an hour from her bedtime, i dont think she understands. but im doing this to make money, so that we can move into a bigger house sooner than later. im doing it to take care of her, and erica.

and its not going to get any easier, in fact it will only get harder in the months to come as i will be working more and more.

despite all of this, im not depressed. the only thing im not too stoked on is my weight. ive battled with body issues since 7th grade. up and down and up and down. i dont watch what i eat, i work in a bar, and i dont exercise. so yeah, im probably going to gain a few pounds. the hardest part of that is that im too big for medium shirts and too small for large shirts. and for some reason, all of the weight is right around my mid section. my pants still fit fine, its just my shirts. oh well. time to hit the Wii Fit.

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  1. All your hard work will pay off! And you are BEAUTIFUL!