Saturday, April 25, 2009

Modeling the fossil evidence

i seem to be thinking a lot lately about technology. about how..i dont wanna say addicted, but reliant on technology we are. how accessible it really is. about how at any given moment, i have 300 to 500 dollars worth of technology in my fucking pockets. technology that can access almost any information within seconds. i can touch a screen and get directions to your house, or how to make onion soup. i can see a picture of your house or shop for a book. all with the same ease.

whos to say who really controls this? who monitors it? can Google and Amazon and Myspace REALLY track everything?

and whats real and whats false? what is simulation? i havent studied much of postmodernism but i understand the fact that if you make a copy of a copy of a copy, the quality will eventually get worse. and i understand that images can be altered and the media really truly controls what we see.

in most cases, we have no choice. we either MUST or simply CHOOSE to accept "reality". i have always felt that morality is arbitrary, and now i feel that reality is arbitrary as well. just because I believe something, doesnt mean that YOU do. and im not talking about a system of beliefs, im talking actual EVENTS, such as dinosaurs and people landing on the moon. about the G-spot. about the third type of melanin. does it all exist simply because we BELIEVE in it?

there's glory in subversion
there's glory in destruction
fossils are an invention to serve the technophile
fossils are an invention to preserve the artificial lie
humanity is being coded
existence is uploaded
only simulation exists
to construct the fossil evidence
to preserve the artificial lie
to serve the technophile
they are modeling the fossil evidence
we are the tools of our tools
deconstruct the technophile
there's glory in subversion
there's glory in destruction
we are deconstructing the technophile.

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