Monday, November 8, 2010

i was watching No Reservations yesterday morning. i really like that show.
he was in LA, and one of the first things he talked about was that people in southern california spend a lot of their time in their car. your car becomes an extension of you. it takes on a personality. it becomes a friend.a companion.

my car is no longer working. ive had it since 2000. ten summers. it has 209,000 miles on it. at one time, each of those miles meant something. we went places. good places, bad places, necessary places, fun places, stupid places.

i miss its smell. its inconveniences. its familiarity. its safety. its danger. its unreliability.

its kind of a perfect metaphor for a relationship- for better or for worse. you accept and treasure someone, even if some of the things they do arent "perfect".

i miss my car.

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