Monday, November 29, 2010

let down

i guess i was around 12 when i started reading Thrasher Magazine. it was my first real exposure to punk rock, other than watching the cable access channel when the "alternative" video show came on.
i remember very distinctly seeing the Big Black "songs about fucking" album cover, with it's unisex anime person straining mid-coitus, stark colors and generally eye-catching design.
i never once listened to them, not even a second to see what they sound like, until today.
i was actually led to it today by Matt Skiba singing "my head is pounding like a pillow, like a Big Black song"
it made me think, am i missing something? so i did a quick youtube search and actually found a song from the album thats a Kraftwerk cover. how can i go wrong, right?

it kind of reminds me of Joy Division a bit, but i know that at 12 i would not have been ready for this, and at 33 i cant say that i enjoy it very much. maybe some of the other songs are better, i dont know and im probably not going to find out.


  1. defo a bad place to start.
    start with "Kerosene" or "bad penny"....or "Jordan, Minnesota" i think thats about some supposed satanic child sex scandal?
    Rot in Hell

  2. File under the same category as Christian Death and Sacchrine Trust: bands who had cool names and SEEMED like they would be awesome, but in fact are terrible, boring and dated.