Tuesday, February 24, 2009

death is not an option

Eating at jack in the box. Weird, huh?

Ordered the homestyle ranch chicken with no tomatos. Guess what was on my sandwich?

Last night went to Alejandros and asked for 3 taquitos with CHEESE ONLY. Apparently, cheese sounded like GUACAMOLE to the asshole in the drivethrough. I don't know why I thought it would be ok to drive away without checking.

My point here is, when I ask for something to be a certain way, that's what I expect.

yesterday I did something I should have done years ago. It was hard, stressful, and rewarding ultimately because I have the satisfaction of knowing I did it all by myself. I can't really go into further detail in a public forum.

I wish I could update this every single day, but sometimes I just can't. So sorry, Tara... you'll just have to get your fix of me through twitter.

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