Tuesday, February 10, 2009

this modern love

I love Bloc Party. I just listened to 80 songs. Well.. Some I skipped through but I went through them all. You know what? They have better b-sides than most band's albums.
I saw the first show of Bloc Party's first U.s. Tour. I was there.

I'm sitting at the Mission Viejo mall while Dev devours McDonalds. Yeah I let my kid eat there. My mom let me eat there and look how I fuckin turned out.
I love commerce. I love malls. I love supermarkets. Do I love spending money? Not necessarily. I'm a window shopper. A browser. I suck.

My ipod keeps randomly turning off. Shitty.

Its cold outside. I mean... its not MINNESOTA cold or anything, but for Orange County its cold. Almost too cold.

Finished Brothers & Sisters season two. On to Desperate Housewives season 3.

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