Wednesday, February 11, 2009

everything's just wonderful

I've been eating jack in the box a little too frequently.

I try to only buy items that are on sale or discounted with the club card.

I've been drinking a lot of coke, not enough water.

I fell in love again with popsicles.

Still listening to 5 YEAR WINTER every morning on the way to school.

Been giving Devin dollars to buy smencils. A smencil is a pencil that smells good. Each one costs one dollar, and her school keeps the money. The school wins, devin wins, I win.

Sometimes I wish I was a girl so that Fiona Apple and Lily Allen songs could mean more to me.

Polaroid film is becomind increasingly harder to find. Target has not had it the past two times I've been. Scary.

Valentines day is rapidly approaching and I'm glad I have a valentine. She's awesome, for real. Now.. If only I hadn't waited so long to make plans... fuck

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