Tuesday, March 31, 2009


"...have faith because there are many people in hairdressing who do not have either the talent or the faith. its faith and, above all, enriching oneself. i want young people to go to museums! they do not go to see exhibits, colors, or see styles. i have the impression that certain young people do not have faith and they become hairdressers without knowing the classics. their styles are done with awful things. hair must be pretty and wonderful. it must have a base. we need extraordinary people, people who are dedicated to their art and their craft."

"but if you do not know how to do a chignon, how to do a wave, how to color hair, how can you do anything? if you do not know about these basic things, you have failed as a hairstylist and do not have a chance of big success. you must take your work and build upon it. you train to make your own style and, in doing so, you must know everything."

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