Saturday, March 21, 2009


I'm bored. Like, looking for stuff to clean bored.

Got another remixed Disembodied song last night. A cleaned up version of "Confession" off of the Confession 7". When Joel sent it to me, it just said "track 1 rough" but as soon as I put it in iTunes, it said Confession.

Pressed play and the same snare fill came on, but slower, and the vocals had a weird effect on it. I had to ask Joel if it was a different version, and he said no. It took me a couple times to get into it, and I was afraid that I offended Joel with my reaction.

I threw it on my iPod and blasted it in my car this morning. HOLY FUCK. You hear a song for years, on vinyl, then on cd, and then someone "cleans it up" and totally changes the dynamic. Sometimes for the good, sometimes it hurts the original song.

In this case it made the song undenaibly better. The break where the guitars cut out, where its just the drums and Tara's distorted bass sounds amazing, and I don't remember any vocals on that part at all, but apparently there were some there and they add a whole new element.

The completion of this product is drawing near, and I get more anxious and excited every day. I might cry when I get the finished record in my hand, knowing that I had a part in bringing it together.

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