Saturday, March 14, 2009

can we start again

There is a belief that it's difficult to get rid of rats because they're smart. Some say that if you try to hit a rat and it manages to escape, rest assured that it will seek revenge – the offended rat will chew on your favorite shirt!

that was taken from Be@rbrick love, one of my new favorite blogs. check it in my new LINK section...

changing the layout of my blog. i guess out of no reason other than boredom and need for change. like the quote above says, the rat is hard to get rid of. some of the problems and challenges that ive been having since last year and even before that have proven to be hard to get rid of.

two of my biggest downfalls are self-confidence (or lack thereof) and anger. they have gotten better over times, but anyone who knows me as "the meanest guy in orange county" or "that asshole from the mistake" would tell you that its quite obvious that i have suffered from both for many many years.

one of the problems with changing is that we dont know that we need to change something until it is too late, or almost too late, and we've hurt somebody or lost somebody.

one of the other changes im making is changing what i collect. from one kind of vinyl to another.

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