Friday, March 27, 2009

never was

Did I already title a post that? Probably. Its a ringworm song. Its an amazing song.

Lawyers, in general, do not seem like "nice" people.

Sitting at the Lamareaux Justice Center in Orange, ca. Waiting for a court appointed mediation to happen. Trying to change custody stuff. That's all I can really say.

Finally hooked up the printer/scanner that Erakuh got for me. The quality isn't the best on some of the photos, but I'm stoked to finally be able to share some of them. I've had them just sitting in a box for years.

I made a huge mess around the new desk. Photos, flyers, papers strewn everywhere. It really blends in well with the fact that the kitchen ceiling is leaking from the shower pipe/drain upstairs. Like.. When devin and erakuh took showers I had to change the pot and watering can twice. Maybe we should have refrained from showering but... gotta stay clean right?

Read "do princesses wear hiking boots" to dev's class this morning. Stressful going in but I was a smashing success.

The trackball on my sidekick isn't scrolling down and its REALLY annoying, but obviously something like that can't stop me from blogging. Ftw.

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