Thursday, March 26, 2009

get off the stage

Haven't written in a couple days. I guess that's what happens when you don't own a computer. Well.. Maybe if I had one I wouldn't have the time anyway.

When it was announced that NO FOR AN ANSWER, Blackspot, and CHORUS were playing Chain Reaction, I was stoked. When it came time for it, I didn't care and the thought of putting my new desk together seemed more appealing.

As Mark said "it was a total let down"

I haven't gotten tickets to see Unbroken and Undertow at the Glasshouse, may 9th. Ten years ago, I would have shit my pants twice, trained by moshing in front of the mirror, possibly ironed a bandana and been up front for every song of every band.

Priorities change. Maybe that's why so many people right now have taken an interest in preserving the past and memory of hardcore. It REALLY WAS BETTER "BACK IN THE DAY". I'm sorry, its true.

Anyway, I'm gonna finish my ultimate cheeseburger and go back to work.

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