Saturday, January 24, 2009

guitared and feathered

it wasnt the fact that i was drinking beer out of a red cup.

it wasnt the fact that people kept touching me and stepping on my foot.

it wasnt the fact that i had to introduce myself as "Hans" because i know that drunk people dont understand "jav" and i didnt feel like saying "javier".

it wasnt the guy wearing camo pants who said "you guys are stupid".

it wasnt jesse's brother giving me a hug and then five minutes later walked through the room wearing a Steelers jersey, carrying a bottle of Absolute that looked like a disco ball and a pair of womens boots

i think what really made the night awesome was the 16 year old boy singing Coheed and Cambria to me, and all of us laughing at the fact that was indeed old enough to be his father.

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