Monday, January 12, 2009

in the beginning

hi. im jav.
this is the first day of my new blog.
let me catch you up on the story, to date, and the major players.

im 31 years old. i live in costa mesa, california with my daughter, devin. shes 6.
erakuh is a big part of my life.
i work at a beauty school, teaching (or at least trying) to teach people how to do hair. ive been doing hair for over 10 years.
i used to play in a bunch of bands, but now i dont really have time.
i used to dj, but now i dont really have time.
i love to take photos.
i obsess about bands. i obsess about my ipod. 0n my other blog, i have endless stories about collecting songs. get used to it.

i will try and blog daily. i dont care who reads this, if anyone.

you will read about my frustrations, my elations, my complaining... my life

the title, "curse of coeurs" kind of comes from the quote
"Le coeur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaƮt point"
which translates to "the heart has reasons which reason cannot understand"

i think its funny that how you say "heart" in french kinda sounds like "curse". thats all. see ya.

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