Monday, January 26, 2009

my name is strange

i just tried to google image search every possible form of my name i could think of, and didnt find one picture of myself.

sure, theres plenty of pictures of 18 visions, Bleeding Through, and even some of Poison The Well. but was MY face anywhere to be seen? no.

like Sage Francis says, "my name is strange"

i dunno. today has been pretty boring. working at Commissary. just kinda standing around. nobody came in for the first three hours i was here. ive been looking at websites, drinking coke, and listening to ISIS, His Hero Is Gone, Graf Orlock and Bloodlet at annoying levels. no wonder nobody buys anything when i work.

researching rates/ prices for our trip to Chicago for the Burning Fight show. the hotel will be more expensive than i thought, but it will be worth it. gonna try and see Oprah too.

i wanna go home.

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  1. When I worked with at Vinyl Solution, Lob used to purposefully play records based on a customer's physical appearance. He sold A LOT of stuff using this tactic. I'd be interested to see if you could influence your customer's shopping habits by playing specific music?