Friday, January 30, 2009

like O, like H

Sitting in the "teacher's lounge". Basically it used to be a storage room and a couple of the teachers moved a bunch of shit around and put in a table and a tv. A little tv. Like a 4 inch screen, black and white, with a dial to change channels.

Currently watching "the people's court". This judge is stupid.

This morning I was talking about how I seriously listen to the same songs every time I get in my car. Ill put it on a playlist, choose a song, and see if it goes to songs I like (which it usually doesn't). In no order, the songs I'm playing most currently are-

Tegan and Sara- I know I know I know
Zao- 5 year winter
American Nightmare- hearts, am/pm, dead and gone
Reign Supreme- I stand defiant, Iscariot
Panic at the disco- mad as rabbits

Trying to go to vegas this weekend. We shall see.

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