Sunday, January 25, 2009

that aint elvis playin piano

Even though I've been playing music since I was in 3rd grade, I would by no means label myself a "musician". I can read sheet music, but shakily now and only for paino.

I've never had one guitar lesson, and while I can play a few "real" chords I can only name one.

I played clarinet in 7th grade. I was pretty good too.

I haven't touched my Gibson since I moved into this house.

Anyway... I finished watching the ZAO dvd today. Only took me a week to finish disc one. I mean.. It clocks in at a mere 3 and a half hours, and I totally have free time to sit and watch that. I kinda just put it on while I was washing dishes, putting away groceries, etc. It was really interesting and kind of rekindled my love for that band.

"Where blood and fire bring rest" was the first record from them I really paid attention to. I guess it was 98 or 99, and I was in the midst of the anti-Christian hardcore movement that had begun some 5 years earlier (ill save that for another blog). But this record came out and I was loving it.

"Liberate te ex infernus" came out and the only thing I really remembered was hand claps, Jesse Smith's makeup, and awesomeness. But I never really pledged myself to them because of their stance on religion.

Didn't pay attention to anything else until I heard "the rising end (the first prophecy)". That is such an amazing song, seriously.

I think I only saw them two or three times. In retrospect, I wish I would have been more into them when they were around. But I still love listening to it.

On a side note, there have now been two songs that turn my ipod off EVERY time I try and listen to them.

The first is "the boy who blocked his own shot" by BRAND NEW. But its the "live from VW Green Room" version I downloaded from and ps that is an amazing download. But, trying to play it actually wiped my ipod clean, scaring the shit out of me. I plugged it into Erakuh's computer and everything came back up, but it was a stressful time.

The second I stole from Niall's laptop, and its from some Zao demos and miscelaneous stuff. The track just says "interview with jesse" and succeeded in turning my ipod off twice.

Daniel has been asking me for months to sing for his project, and today I said "I want to be in a band that sounds like Zao", and I meant it.

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