Thursday, January 15, 2009

solar powered sun destroyer

I hate people who don't know how to use a thermostat. If its too cold, put on a jacket, don't blast everyone else out with the heater. Its a room full of people, and we all know that with that many women in a room, the amount of hot air that escapes their lungs from talking is enough to melt a village of igloos.

I wish I could have my ipod on at all times, or at least have a soundtrack playing in the backgroud. Maybe even one only I could hear. Oh, wait... that already happens.

I'm eating jack in the box for the second day in a row. There are plenty of options around my work, but getting a burger, 2 tacos, fries and a drink for 5.34? Amazing. Plus, Paula Abdul's "forever your girl" is playing. Priceless.

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